Madrid-based Jobandtalent raised $108M in Series C Funding

Madrid-based Jobandtalent raised $108M in Series C Funding

Madrid-Based Startup Jobandtalent is a digital staffing agency that operates in 8 markets, backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The company offers its users a range of tools and services to help them search for and secure a new job. These include a CV builder that allows them to create a professional CV within minutes. The service works by asking users for the information they want to include on their CV, and then automatically creates a template for the user. It also features a weblog that provides job-related articles.

Jobandtalent is a digital staffing agency

Jobandtalent is a Madrid-based startup that is disrupting the recruitment industry with its unique digital platform. Founded in 2009, Jobandtalent aims to make the labour market more fluid and accessible. The company uses an internal algorithm to match job seekers to companies, and focuses on ensuring work continuity for job seekers.

In addition to its online marketplace, Jobandtalent offers staff management services, such as handling payroll and managing local tax authorities. Founded in 2009, Jobandtalent has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, London, and New York. It markets its product offerings to tech buyers and has a partnership with CB Insights, a research and advisory service that identifies and analyses emerging companies in tech.

In addition to its online marketplace, Jobandtalent offers a platform that matches employers seeking temp or casual labor with workers seeking work. With an annual revenue of EUR18 million, the Madrid-based firm has raised more than EUR310 million in venture funding. Jobandtalent plans to use the funding to expand into new markets and strengthen its leadership position in existing territories.

Jobandtalent aims to make the labour market more fluid by making it easier to find a job. The company offers a mobile application that allows employers and employees to manage the recruitment process through one app. Using proprietary machine learning technology, Jobandtalent aims to eliminate the need for multiple applications and interviews.

Jobandtalent has expanded into eight markets in Europe and LatAm, with its headquarters in Madrid. It manages the workforce for over 750 companies. Some of its major customers include XPO, eBay, and Huawei. Its revenues have grown by more than a dozenfold over the past three years, and the company is EBITDA-positive.

It currently operates in 8 markets

Jobandtalent is an online platform that connects employers with temp and casual workers. It was founded in 2009 and has raised over $290 million. It currently operates in Spain, Germany, France, UK and Mexico, and is looking to expand into the US.

The company currently operates in eight markets and has raised more than EUR290M in funding. The company has more than 1,300 clients, including household names such as DHL, FedEx, XPO, Ceva Logistics, eBay, and more. The company has also been backed by investors such as SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Kinnevik.

It is backed by SoftBank Vision Fund 2

Jobsandtalent, a global online workforce marketplace, recently secured EUR100 million from SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and EUR83 million in debt financing from BlackRock. The funding will help the company expand into new markets and strengthen its leadership position in existing ones.

Jobandtalent operates a marketplace that matches employees with temporary roles. It also provides a platform that matches those with temporary positions with companies. Since 2009, Jobandtalent has raised EUR310M, or $370M, in equity funding, as well as debt financing from BlackRock.

The funding will help the company to expand its mission and create tangible benefits for its users. It will also use the funds to further enhance its financial products. This will include free early access to wages and daily payments. The startup expects the funding will support its mission of reshaping the temporary work industry and creating conditions that enable people to thrive.

Jobandtalent is a digital talent marketplace that matches gig workers with companies seeking workers for casual shifts. The startup operates primarily in the logistics, e-commerce, and warehousing industries, and aims to offer workers stability and a consistent stream of work. It also aims to provide workers with employee benefits such as health care, pension, and 401(k).

Jobandtalent has achieved success in placing 100,000 workers in full-time positions within the first nine months of its operations. The startup’s success rate is higher than other comparable companies in this space. Its platform is used by more than 850 companies. Its customers include XPO, Ceva Logistics, eBay, Ocado, and Sainsbury’s.

It uses AI to help employers find the best talent for open positions

Jobandtalent uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match employers with candidates who are the right fit for an open position. It launched in 2009 and has since expanded to eight countries. The company has raised EUR310 million in funding.

The company claims to have placed more than 100,000 workers into full-time positions in the first nine months of its operation. Its success rate is higher than that of other similar platforms. Founded by Felipe Navio and Juan Urdiales, Jobandtalent matches workers with companies seeking temporary and full-time positions across a variety of sectors.

AI-powered tools can reduce the time it takes to screen resumes and conduct interviews. This frees up TA time for in-depth communication. According to a recent study by Yale University, researchers tend to favor male candidates over females when choosing between candidates. The male candidates were also offered on average $4K more in starting salaries than the female candidates. Researchers say AI-powered tools can help tackle this discrimination problem.

Jobandtalent’s technology allows employers to easily match employers with candidates based on their compatibility. The company also offers a free mobile app for employers and job seekers. As a result, Jobandtalent helps SMEs drastically reduce their costs.

Jobandtalent, based in Madrid, Spain, is a workforce marketplace that matches workers with temporary positions. It recently raised $500 million in equity funding and $75 million in debt financing. The funding is expected to accelerate the company’s expansion into key markets.

Jobandtalent is backed by investors including Atomico, DN Capital, Kibo Ventures, and Seek. It has also attracted the interest of investors in the Spanish startup ecosystem. At the moment, it has eight employees and operates in Tysons, Virginia. The company is aiming to expand its reach with its technology and will help both employers and job seekers to find the right fit.

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