Factors to Consider When Choosing a Weighted Blanket

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Weighted Blanket

Weighted blanket is trending in the market now. The fact is it has been in existence since 1999. Occupational therapists use them for anxiety problems, sleep disorders and autism.

People can’t get enough of the many benefits of weighted blankets ranging from getting a good night’s rest to giving comfort to those with sleep disorders. However, many people have problems with how to choose a weighted blanket. 

This article will guide you on how to go about it, and show you how to pick the appropriate weight for the right age groups.

What a Weighted Blanket is

A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket with small objects enclosed in it. These objects add to its weight and they are mostly glass beads or plastic pellets.

A weighted blanket offers stress relief and create a sense of calm. If you’ve used one before, you’ll have the feeling of being hugged.

Now that you know what a weighted blanket is and its benefits, let us consider how to choose a perfect size.

Choosing a weighted blanket

Now to how to choose a weighted blanket, experts say one should get a blanket that’s 19% of your total body height. This may, however, vary from one age group to another. Let’s look at it:

Weighted blanket for children

Kids with disorders like autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder use weighted blankets. The 10% rule works for them.

However, you should not use a weighted blanket on a child of two years and below. This is because the child won’t be able to move the blanket on its own. Do not use a weighted blanket meant for adults for a child.

Weighted blankets for adults

Like earlier said, adults should use a weighted blanket that is about ten percent of their total body weight. However, if at 10% weight, the blanket feels too heavy, you can pick a lighter one. And if it’s too light, you can pick a higher size. Your size and frame will determine that.

Other factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket

  1. Height: If you’re exceptionally tall, you might want to put your height into consideration while choosing a blanket.
  2. Cover materials

Choose a weighted blanket that is made of comfortable breathable material. Bamboo and cotton are great materials for weighted blanket.

  1. Filler materials

Go for blankets made with filler materials like glass beads and plastic pellets. Blankets filled with rice, sand and stones are cheaper, but they are also of poor quality and might not be able to give you what you want.

  1. Warranty

Choose a weighted blanket with a good warranty. You don’t want to get a blanket that won’t last you for long.

  1. Ease of maintenance

Weighted blankets are difficult to clean and maintain. Therefore, you should go for one that will give you less problem to maintain.

Now that you know how to choose a weighted blanket and what to look out for, let’s consider a type of weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket for you

The type of your weighted blanket and the material it is made of have a long way in determining how much you’ll enjoy it. 

An organic weighted blanket is a highly recommended blanket for you. Its properties like cooling effect and hypoallergenicity will make you fall in love with your blanket. Therefore, it’s essential you get an organic weighted blanket on your next shopping.


You don’t have to have issues with how to choose a weighed blanket. Consider the factors above and you will be good to go. And don’t forget; an organic weighted blanket is an excellent type of blanket, made for you.

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