Easily Charge a Car Battery From Another Source

Easily Charge a Car Battery From Another Source

To find people willing to help with charging a car battery in big cities like Mumbai can be very difficult. Everyone is in a rush to reach their offices in the morning, and it’s not easy to find a car service station in Mumbai operating in the wee hours. To avoid such situations that need immediate attention, it is best to purchase a self-starter kit rather than wait for help from your unresponsive neighbours. The self-charging kit is usually a portable battery charged from a regular 220V household electrical supply. You can easily connect it with the battery, just like a normal charger. The thing to keep in check is to monitor its condition and never forget to recharge it from time to time.

Hope for help, but call for assistance

If your car refuses to start in the morning, you can still rely on your neighbors to help. However, if you face such a nuisance on the road in broad daylight, it is very unlikely to meet a sympathetic person who is ready to jump-start your car. In such cases, you should never blame time, upbringing or current economic situation. You can always find reasons to blame, but you should try to focus on the solutions to the troubles that have arisen. 

The best solution can be considered to call car repair at home in Mumbai. Usually, these companies have all the modern equipment needed to assist you in any situation. Their mechanics possess not only significant knowledge but also vast experience. They can start cars of any brand even in the rain, and charging a car battery is not a problem for them. 

Huge metropolises like Mumbai are not deprived of professional mechanics and car services. However, it is not very convenient to trudge them every time an issue occurs. Moreover, with a non-movable car, it is much easier to call on-road car services in Mumbai, and the help will arrive in time as soon as possible. By utilising these services, you save money and time and get advice on all other issues. 

How to charge a battery: Car to car

Things you will need: 

  1. Wires with a cross-section of 9-12mm.
  2. Springy “crocodiles” (soldered with the wire) with sharp teeth and large ​​jaws for making connections. 
  3. Rubber gloves.
  4. Another car with a charged battery.

Procedures to follow: 

  1. Before starting the connection, it’s a must to check its condition to avoid any shocks. You should look for traces of acid, and the battery should also not have any cracks. 
  2. The next step is to start making the connection. Join the positive jumper cable (usually red) to the charged battery’s positive (+) terminal.
  3. Connect the negative cable (usually black)to the charged battery’s negative (-) terminal.
  4. Connect the other end of the black cable to either the frame or chassis, free of paint or rust.
  5. The next step is to start the car with the charged battery. Jumper cables will do their job and transfer the charge to the car with a dead battery.
  6. It will take at least five to ten minutes; after that, the dead battery will start making a charge of its own. 
  7. Once the initial charging is complete, disconnect the jumper cables in the exact opposite order it was connected. This will prevent any mishap or spark.

About the Company: 

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