6 Incredible Ways To Use Aloe Vera For Acne & Acne Marks

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Nothing is more frustrating for a woman than that bumpy acne that affects the look of her entire face. So, what’s the effective and quickest solution to get rid of breakouts? Well, the answer is no secret! Many women swear by aloe vera for treating their acne-prone skin. Thanks to its glycol-proteins that lessen inflammation and swelling. A good anti-acne face pack prepared from aloe gel will also treat acne scars and prevent future acne. Here’s how to use aloe vera to eliminate your acne and acne marks

Use Aloe Vera Gel

No doubt that the anti-acne face cream suggested by your dermatologist will cure your acne for sure; it can also irritate the skin due to the presence of chemicals. The best is to opt for a natural ingredient that won’t deliver any side effects. Pure aloe gel being anti-bacterial kills acne-causing bacteria and heals acne. The cooling effect of the miracle gel will also soothe the inflammation. Massage fresh aloe gel on the affected areas twice a day to reduce acne and scars. It’s better to let the gel stay on your face for some hours before washing it off. Try to complement the gel application with a good anti-acne face pack once every week.

Opt For Aloe Gel, Rose Water & Cucumber Mist

Using aloe gel with rose water in the form of a mist will heal acne in no time. Adding cucumber to the mist will fade away scars and reduce inflammation. Rosewater will also tone your skin. To make the mist, mix the three ingredients in equal amounts. Apply the mist on a cotton ball and then use it on the face. You can also use a spray bottle to use this aloe gel toner. You can use this mist in combination with the typical anti-acne face cream.

Apply Aloe Gel & Lemon Juice

The juice extracted from lemon has astringent properties that help dry out the acne.  To get rid of acne and acne spots with aloe and lemon, take 2 tbsp. of aloe gel. Add ¼ teaspoon fresh lemon juice and apply this mixture to acne. Once it’s dry, rinse off with cold water. Make sure to apply sunscreen after this treatment. As lemon juice is acidic, it is not suited to sensitive skin. Also, if you have dry skin, use a good lotion or moisturizer after using lemon juice on your face.

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

Consuming aloe vera juice every day will lessen the appearance of acne and acne marks. The vitamins and antioxidants present in aloe juice will also nourish the skin and protect it from sun damage. We recommend drinking fresh aloe vera juice every day for a month. Also apply a good anti-acne face cream or anti-acne face pack for faster healing.

Use Aloe, Coconut Oil & Sugar Scrub

Scrubbing your face routinely is mandatory to remove dead skin cells that may result in flaky patches and clogged pores. A scrub made from aloe ver gel, sugar, and coconut oil will remove these cells without causing toxicity to your skin. While sugar granules will remove the dead skin layer, aloe gel and coconut oil will soothe the skin and fight acne.

Make the scrub by combing equal parts of coconut oil and brown/white sugar. Add half the amount of aloe gel. Mix well and use the mixture just like a normal scrub. You can also swap coconut oil with coffee.

Opt For Aloe Gel & Turmeric Face Pack

Aloe vera gel works amazingly when added to face packs. Regular application of something like aloe gel and turmeric face pack will diminish acne. This anti-acne face pack is also effective to treat marks caused by acne. Prepare the anti-acne face pack by mixing 3 Tsp. of aloe gel and a pinch of turmeric. Apply this anti-acne face pack on the affected areas and leave until it’s dry before taking it off. You can also add honey or yogurt to this anti-acne face pack.

More Ways To Use Aloe Gel For Acne

  • Make a natural anti-acne face cream with lemon oil and fresh aloe vera gel. For this DIY anti-acne face cream, use 4 Tsp. of aloe gel and 2 drops of lemon oil. Apply this anti-acne face cream every night before going to bed.
  • Aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil is another effective anti-acne face cream. If you have sensitive skin, add cucumber juice to this anti-acne face cream instead of oil.
  • Honey and aloe gel face pack is good for oily skin beauties.
  • Almond oil and aloe vera gel is an incredible anti-acne face cream that suits all skin types.


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